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  1. Dyno Numbers

    Performance Upgrades
    Hey all, trying to make it out to a dyno but havent had the time. curious to see what numbers are being put up with simular or even less mods than myself. my performance mods are as followed: Transgo Shift kit with TC torque converter PPE Hot+2 on lvl 10 Fass 95gph lift pump BD wastegate...
  2. Can tranny take more?

    01-04.5 LB7 Duramax Powertrain
    i have a LB7 with the stock tranny. i have a ppe boost valve k and n cold air with AFE filter. 4 inch turbo back exhuast, and edge juice with attitude on level 6. im not sure what the hp and torque is. maybe 485 hp 850 lbs? at crank. question is how much more can a stock allison take before...
  3. reasonable time?

    The Drag Strip
    i have a 2004 LB7 crew cab on 33s. K N cold air intake with AFE filter. PPE boost valve. 4 inch turbo back exhaust. EDGE juice with attitude on level 6. for one how much horsepower and torque could i expect with these mods. and my 0-60 time is 6 sec. and 1/4 mile is about 16 sec. i havent had a...