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  1. Gauges, Electronics and Wiring.
    I just had the transmission rebuilt on my 2007.5 Chevy 3500hd with the LMM Duramax and the shop went ahead and changed my air filter, serpentine belt, and oil. A couple of days driving the truck and I received a “low coolant” message on my dash but i checked the levels and all was good, message...
  2. 2001 - 2007 (GMT800) Non Powertrain
    I purchased a truck with a K&N intake installed. After doing a bunch of reading here, it seems this option is pretty well hated and thought not to be the best. With that said, I am wondering what my options are here. Is it possible to use a better or even the stock filter with the K&N intake...
  3. Looking For/ Wanting To Buy
    Looking for an intake for my lb7. Would like to find a wc fab but let me know what you've got
  4. General Discussion
    So i got bigger tires and needed to cut a bit off my fender liner and doing this i noticed i exposed my intake which comes out behind the fender liner im worried when it rains water might find its way up to my intake if anyone has experience with this lmk
  5. Parts For Sale
    This air intake system produces 12 max horsepower, 28lbs. x ft. torque and out-flowed the factory intake by 42%. Includes a durable 16 gauge, powder-coated heat shield; this air intake system features a washable/reusable conical air filter. This intake system also features a heat-insulating...
  6. 11-16 LML Performance Parts Discussion
    S&B Filters is looking for someone local (Southern CA./ Fontana area) to lend their truck for final prototype check fit and testing. Free Intake Kit for your time. Thank You!
  7. Performance Upgrades
    i have a used lmm duramax true flow xdi air intake for about price Thanks, chris
  8. 911 Problems Forum
    Help! new maf p0113 and low fuel rail pressure. truck wont drive! Intake air temperature circuit high code p0113. Before I replaced maf I was getting code P0101 which was maf range/performance. Now that code is gone with the new Mac and now I have code p0113. I am paranoid to drive it because...
  9. 06-07 LBZ & LLY Performance Parts Discussion
    Hi I recently purchased an 06 duramax with the lly engine. Its bone stock. I wanna take the mpg's up because I'm tired of drivin my 05 with the 6.0 vortec @ 11 mpg. That being said I need advice on duramax stuff. Programmers... What do I need to know? I'm not worried about hp cuz the engine and...
  10. 04.5-05 LLY Performance Parts Discussion
    Hey guys I recently snagged a 2005 LLY CCSB 4x4 and had a few questions about getting aftermarket exhaust and an intake system. I've read quite a few of the threads about Afe and from what I gather, they are good but do they require constant re-oiling and maintenance? I am already planning on...
  11. 01-04.5 LB7 Duramax Powertrain
    :helpHey guys i just installed an S&B intake and it seem that 1st gear seems weak now.. only 1st though? i have a superchips on it for now i was wondering if its not spooling up fast enough beacuse of the stock exhaust? any thing u can tell me will help.. and also if i sit in park and rev the...
1-11 of 12 Results