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  1. Interior
    I'm wanting to do up the interior of the truck. Particularly looking at accelerator and brake pedals and seats. I'm want to do some race pedals - NRG/Sparco type. And the same for seats - looking for some comfortable and stylish buckets for the driver and passenger in the racing style. Does...
  2. Interior
    Just curious if anyone has had their dash upholstered with leather or swapped in a dash from a 14-19 Denali or high country?
  3. Interior
    Has anyone swapped in seats from a 2014-2018 Denali into a 2006?
  4. Looking For/ Wanting To Buy
    Looking to buy in relatively good condition dark or black OEM cloth seats. If you reupholstered your crew cab interior, I’d like to buy your old cloth seat covers. Not really interested in leather (however I’ll consider old leather covers) or complete seat sets, just the cloth covers. Thanks!
  5. Gauges, Electronics and Wiring.
    i just put in my white gauge cluster background and i have wayy too many burnt out stock bulbs in my cluster and im going to replace them with led's i know this is topic has posts everywhere but i cant find any specific information where someone who has done it has posted what bulb sizes they...
  6. Interior
    I'm thinking of installing a small electric heater somewhere out of the way in my interior and wire it so my block heater and the interior heater use the same plug. I realize they both are highly resistive and will draw a lot of amps. There are many factors at play here. If you have done this...
  7. Interior
    I'm out of ideas short of breaking the damn thing. I have an 02 LS extended cab with brown interior that I'm swapping out with charcoal grey. I have everything out except the headliner and the only thing holding it in are the two clothes hanger hooks above the back window. They are a two-piece...
1-7 of 7 Results