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  1. Alternative Fuels Diesel Additives Lubricants
    Taked to a guy today that was putting kerosine into his duramax. Said he couldnt find any clear #1 so he was going to use this. Put 5 gal into the tank. I talked to the gas station after this and the kerosine was a more like jet fuel they said and not kerosine. What kind of damage can this...
  2. Alternative Fuels Diesel Additives Lubricants
    A friend of mines wife accidently filled his 2002 7.3 stroke up with kerosene. He called his mechanic and he told him to just put an additive in it and it would be just fine. Yesterday we hauled a 28' gooseneck with over 200 bales over 50 miles and it ran great "didnt miss a lick". Any one...
  3. Alternative Fuels Diesel Additives Lubricants
    i live in newfoundland, canada. im about to move and the house im in have an oil furnace and i own about 500l of furnace oil that id like to use as fuel in my 05 lly. will it ruin my truck, im not particullarly worried about dept of transportation, im more worried about voiding my trucks...
  4. Alternative Fuels Diesel Additives Lubricants
    Has anyone tried blending Kerosene with their diesel. I know when i worked at the mines we would run as much as a 50/50 blend during the winter. Question is how much of a blend can we safely run with our CP3 pump and injectors? K-1 is .50 a gallon cheaper here right now and i just bought 300...
1-4 of 4 Results