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killerbee can fix it

  1. The Drag Strip
    me and danny( duramax9878) want to race and we wanna know who you think will win! i got an 04.5LL CC/LB with EFI live 120-160hp tune, 5" exhaust, diamondeye downpipe, AFE IC tube, AFE MP, S&B intake, and soon to come ADII, tie rod sleeves or HD ones and CTS insight HIM 06 Lbz excab/sb EFI...
  2. 911 Problems Forum
    PLEASE HELP ME serious coolant leak, would like help diagnosing -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My 06 LBZ allison is having some serious issues, i have gone through 16 liters of coolant and water in the last day and a half and at first i...