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  1. General Discussion
    So my lb7 has had injectors issues before and I now have fuel in my oil. Like %90 of my oil was fuel when I pulled the plug. Ik it’s injectors but would I need to replace the cups also? On a budget and about to order full set of injectors. Also anything else to look for when I start taking this...
  2. General Discussion
    i was wondering if anyone can tell me if a stock lb7 can handle 60% over injectors with a lift pump installed and if it would need new mapping of the injectors
  3. 01-04.5 LB7 Duramax Powertrain
    I just recently changed out all 8 injectors on my LB7 duramax and initially had codes P0206 and P2146 having to do with open circuit voltage on bank ‘A’ and on injector #6. The codes have cleared now but I’m having a lot of white smoke when In gear. It sounds like it’s surging when I put it in...
  4. Introductions
    What’s going on everyone, I’m Dominic and I’m new to the duramax scene after driving the only truck the circles the problem and had me walking one to many times that I’d keep and pair of shoes in the back seat. I spent about 10-12 hours with a clay bar, wet sanding, 3 stage buffing with a real...
  5. Drivetrain
    2004 lb7 3500 dually So I’m going down the PA turnpike and I’m doing 77 mph and I start slowing down closer to my exit, my pedal went straight to the floor and I ended up hitting the trailer button to help slow me down. What would you recommend me to get lines wise? I would like to get...
1-5 of 5 Results