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  1. 911 Problems Forum
    I have a 2001 Silverado LB7 that doesn't want to keep the anti-freeze down. For some reason when I top it off (because that annoying light will stay on) it will hold it for a little while (usually no more than 5 miles) and then pukes some of it out causing the low coolant light to come back on...
  2. 911 Problems Forum
    a close friend of mine has a 03 lb7 and his truck was acting funny so i checked it out and his waste gate actuator was stuck so we pulled the rod off and checked the gate its self and its nice and smooth but out of the 3 of us no one could make the actuator rod even budge now he took it to a...
  3. Vehicle electronics/ Programmers For Sale
    Hey guys im looking to sell my superchips 2855.. great tuner just goin to more of a performance tuner this is more for towing applications.. any one kno where to sell :rockin :gearjamin
  4. 911 Problems Forum
    I bought a 2002 duramax with a blown motor, I bought a motor for it out of a rollover that seemed to run fine when I went and looked at it but now that its in my truck it has no power and smokes like crazy-grey smoke at idle and black on acceleration. At first I though it would be the common...
  5. 911 Problems Forum
    I'm stumped... I had a fault code and have replaced two of my injectors 7th and 4th. Prior to this the truck would spit a little white smoke at idle, intermittently, mostly after truck had been running over 30-45min. Since then I have replaced the Injector controller, all o-rings in the fuel...
  6. 01-04.5 LB7 Duramax Powertrain
    Alright guys I'm planning on swapping my tired 350 in my '72 C20 for a duramax in the next couple of months. I'd like to find out what everyone's opinions are on the LB7 generation of Duramaxs. I'd like to know what problems you had with them stock and with aftermarket parts installed. What's...
121-126 of 126 Results