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  1. Your tranny just bit the big one!

    01-04.5 LB7 Duramax Powertrain
    So I have a feeling that my tranny is about to take a dirt nap. Which isn't that cool but it has been throwing some p0700 p0840 p0746 codes and its done that twice as of late. It started leaking fluid, i got that to stop now i can smell tranny fluid when i get out of the truck. Hasnt thrown any...
  2. I can smell tranny fluid...

    01-04.5 LB7 Duramax Powertrain
    Am I just paranoid?? So it started as a small leak between the tranny and engine. There was also a small leak next to my spin on filter this little aluminum tab thing (not sure what its for). Leak stopped fluid level is perfect but I can smell transmission fluid when I step out of the truck...
  3. Oil leakage normal??

    Hello there. Just bought an 06 Chevy silverado 2500hd with a 10" lift and 39 1/2" tires. It has the 6.6l diesel engine with allison transmission. I love it so far except that I have a concern about oil leakage. I thought it was loose bolts but after tightening all the bolts I could find in...
  4. coolant leak on my 06

    911 Problems Forum
    ok well i have been having the low coolant message pop up here and there i add water and it will go away for a while,untill today i started my truck up,immediatly i smelt some coolant somewhere,i stop what im doing and look under the truck,its drip drip drip dripping down from somewhere i dont...
  5. leaking fuel

    911 Problems Forum
    can anyone tell me why fuel would be leaking from the water in fuel sensor drain that threads into the filter? It's causing the truck to shut down and really pissing me off. New filter and o rings. Thanks
  6. white smoke/leaking coolant

    911 Problems Forum
    I have a 2003 LB7 and it has started smoking white smoke on start up when warm, but once driving it disappears. Also it is using a ton of coolant! I have read a lot of threads and done some research. I brought it to my mechanic and he checked it out and put a pressure test on it over night. Set...
  7. Oil coming out around EGR block off plate??!!

    911 Problems Forum
    Doing routine maintenance when I noticed what looked like soot leaking around my EGR blocker plate. Closer inspection it was a little soot and oily as well. I pulled the plate and this is what it looks like: Pic 1 is the Intake side of the plate, pic 2 is the exhaust side. WTF is going on...
  8. Fuel Rail Issue on LMM

    911 Problems Forum
    I recently towed at Mastercraft boat with my LMM this week on L1 on my Edge Race Evo, and the truck is pouring fuel out of it from the rail on the drivers side. The rail has been opened up on both ends for a shim kit and ported fitting, so obviously those would be the first things to check. But...
  9. lb7 massive fuel leak

    01-04.5 LB7 Duramax Powertrain
    went to work this am. looked under truck and large amount of fuel leaking under truck. looks like comming from back of engine but i cannot find out where from. any help?
  10. Leaking ADII!!!

    911 Problems Forum
    i just installed my ADII today, not as bad as i thought. fired it up and it is literally PISSING fuel out the return line to go back to the tank. idk how i can fix this right off the top of my head, any body got any ideas that could help me out? :help
  11. fuel issue!!!

    911 Problems Forum
    my buddy just bought an 04.5 LLY. today he started up his truck to let it warm up. when he cam back outside the truck was off. The bleeder valve at the bottom of the filter was loose,and spitting out diesel. His check engine light came on and now the truck is in limp mode. does a bad filter...
  12. Need help ASAP, got an oil leak....

    911 Problems Forum
    Ive always taken pride in how clean and oil free my motor and trans are. Not a bit of seapage anywhere and it looks like a 10,000 mile motor. Although its got 190k on it. Well I was changing the trans filters and fluid today and noticed a pretty good oil leak from the front of the engine. There...
  13. leaky tranny line, throwing truck into limp mode?

    911 Problems Forum
    my tranny line going to my cooler is leaking slowly, but enough where its making a mess all over my a arm and lift kit(the bracket) i was told this would throw my tranny into limp mode, is that why it seems like my trucks not running liek its sopose to? no codes are poping up on my banks or the...
  14. Wheel HOP?? And Front Diff. Leak??

    911 Problems Forum
    Help my tire at highway speeds seems to be jumping up and down like a basketball but I jacked truck up and tryed to move the tire up and down, sie to side but would not budge? Also my front diff is leaking to the point where the oil is dripping penny size drip on ground after a day? The leak is...
  15. Passenger side coolant leak on back of motor

    911 Problems Forum
    Help I have a coolant leak on the back of my motor pn the passenger side. It is running down the tranz and the motor i lose the leak just above the exhaust flange on the down tube. I just can not see up there. Looks like the heads are dry any help would be great.
  16. Water Pump Leak

    911 Problems Forum
    I'm stuck!! My truck started leaking coolant this weekend, and I couldn't for the life of me figure out where from! I spent hours in a small town trying to find a shop to look at it, but they were all closed. 3 hours and 34liters of water later, I made it back to my shop to find out that it was...
  17. Injector fuel line leaking

    01-04.5 LB7 Duramax Powertrain
    i have a 2001 6.6 and the injector on the passenger side one closest to the firewall is leaking fuel where the fuel line goes into the injector at. the injector is tight so im stumped now any help please!!
  18. pump rub

    Transmission Shop
    crawling under the truck i notice i have a very small about of fluid coming from the output of the tcase. i cleaned it all up and i see no signs of any pump rub but i don't know exactly where to look. I searched but didn't find much other than the MA fix. Anybody post some pictures to...
  19. leaking oil.

    Alternative Fuels Diesel Additives Lubricants
    Dear DF, It appears that my truck is leaking engine oil. I can tell because of the 1' by 1' stain that is on father's lovely driveway. Needless to say, he doesn't like it all that much. I've tried tightening the bolt a couple times in the past but the leak continues to persist. I must park my...
  20. Leaking coolant under water pump

    911 Problems Forum
    I was on my way home to Fort Worth, Tx after spending 4 days skiing in colorado and after driving 4 hours my battery light came on and the dash said battery not charging. About 30 min later the low coolant light came on but my temp was fine. So i found water after 15 miles of driving and when i...