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  1. Get In the VAN!!!
    Good day, I noticed my LGH equipped 2013 Duramax van developed a leak in the front quarter of the tank. The fuel is dripping at a steady drip, and appears related to a change fuel filter message on the DIC. I changed the fuel filter and had a heck of a time starting it. Once I did, commanded...
  2. Get In the VAN!!!
    Hi. I have a 2013 LGH equipped 9 passenger Chevy Express. Has anyone ever put a larger tank on these? I'm looking for something equivalent to 50+ gallons. I looked at Titan, and I didn't see any vans listed.
  3. General Discussion
    What's the real difference between LGH (335hp) & LML (395hp)? Is it just programming? I stopped in a dealership yesterday to take a look at a 2011 and the salesman didn't know what I was talking about.... I looked under the hood and didn't see anything to identify it one way or the other...
1-3 of 3 Results