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lift pump

  1. Fuel tank sump LB7

    General Discussion
    I'm installing a Fass Lift Pump on my LB7 and I want to combine it with the Beans Sump. I couldn't find any info on what's inside the fuel tank, like slosh chambers or any kind of reinforcement. I would hate to drill the sump hole in the wrong place! For those of you that have done the sump...
  2. 2005 LLY only runs when primer is pumped - New Filter / Housing / Hoses and now has a Raptor lift pump installed - No Luck

    04.5-05 LLY Duramax Powertrain
    I have a 2005 Kodiak C5500 with a Duramax (LLY). Drove it about 200 yards and it died. I could get it to restart if I continuously pumped the primer on top of the stock fuel filter. Got it home and made the following "fixes". New Fuel Filter. I have two DuraMax trucks so I have a lot of...
  3. No Lift pump bad on cp3?

    General Discussion
    My airdog 1 150 went out a couple of months ago, wondering if it is bad on the cp3 to be run without lift? dont want to drain the rail and wear the pump or anything. run stock program dont have a tune
  4. losing prime problem

    04.5-05 LLY Duramax Powertrain
    I've been losing prime below a quarter of a tank. So I rebuilt the filter head and it was all fine. I also installed a lift pump and put in a new fuel filter. The problem continues to happen, but only below a quarter of a tank. I can get it to run if i reprime the system and the low fuel light...
  5. harder and HARDER to START!! soon its not going to!! need help!

    911 Problems Forum
    Hey guys, just bought a 05 with 240 kms on it about a month ago. first it would bobble (hick-up) when you started it. soon after i was having to put the pedal to the floor to start and it had to crank over longer before it would fire. i did the fuel fillter head rebuild and that hasnt helped its...