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  1. 07.5-10 LMM Duramax Powertrain
    I've been chasing the Reduced Engine Power ghost with no codes for about 2 weeks now. I've dug through all of the forum posts on several websites as well as the LMM facebook pages so I won't bore you with all of what they've said. My truck specifically, after the key goes into the ON position...
  2. 01-04.5 LB7 Duramax Powertrain
    Hi guys new to the form... I have 03 lb7 nd with suncoast tranny efi htt turbo nd small lift pump.. Yesturday I heard a crunching noise same as if I was to crunch a can from my truck not sure were it came From and shortly after my truck went to limp mode once I got it out of limp the first time...
  3. 911 Problems Forum
    2001 2500HD 4x4 Dmax/Allison I may need a transmission computer, please PM me if you are nearby and have one to sell. I fear I may have blown the computer by the sensor wires getting grounded. Tcase Sensor (at tailshaft area of trans) wire got wrapped on shortshaft yoke, ripped apart. Threw...
  4. 911 Problems Forum
    I have an 07 GMC Duramax 2500. It recently started going in limp mode and sets low fuel rail pressure code. The check engine light comes on and the change fuel filter light comes on. I have changed the fuel filter 6 times lately. Also I have Changed the fuel filter housing and the water in...
1-4 of 4 Results