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  1. 2016 lml duramax vibration under cab

    11-16 LML Duramax Powertrain
    My 2016 lml duramax vibrates whenever im in drive and stopped it did it for a week then stopped for a month and now started back up again the vibration is coming from under the front of the cab
  2. Check Engine Light - LML - Duramax Tuner - S&b intake

    11-16 LML Duramax Powertrain
    Hey all. Unfortunately, needing a bit of help.... I have a 2016 LML. Elected to go with the S & B 'wet' filter intake. I had ran the same brand/style on my 2009 Powerstroke and liked it. Long story short.. Having major issues. Towed my 26 foot travel trailer 3500mi over a 30 day period and...
  3. LML Check Engine Light - S&b intake - Duramaxtuner

    911 Problems Forum
    Hey all. Needing some help... I have a 2016 LML. Elected to go with the S & B 'wet' filter intake. I had ran the same brand/style on my 2009 Powerstroke and liked it. Long story short.. Having major issues. Towed my 26 foot travel trailer 3500mi over a 30 day period and was plagued with...
  4. New to Duramax Diesel - Requesting Opinions and Help on Exhaust

    General Discussion
    Hey guys, Brand new to the forum and am a fairly new Duramax owner. I recently had my truck in for a service a few days ago, and have been hearing a rattling noise from the under the truck the last day. Last night I got underneath it and found that it looked like the truck was backed into a...
  5. 2015 LML cts2 and unknown tune

    General Discussion
    Hey everyone! Brand new to the forum, Figure i bring my problems over here haha. I just bought a 2015 duramax, its got 120k on it. The truck has the egr deleted and the dpf system removed. I have no check engine lights and truck runs great, I have driven about 6000 miles and haven't had issues...
  6. Lml stock turbo wheel

    General Discussion
    Is it possible to switch out the compressor wheel on a stock Lml turbo with out removing the turbo ? Does anyone have experience doing this ?
  7. Stock LBZ CP3 limitations?

    General Discussion
    How much power can the stock cp3 fuel for?
  8. 2016 LML- P154A Heater replacement and DEF Tank Heater Warranty

    11-16 LML Duramax Powertrain
    Longtime lurker but forgot my old login and my first post. I recently dropped my truck off at the dealer where I bought it. There are about 85,000 miles on it and its been sitting for a few months because of my work schedule, all the crap I had to clean out, and where I parked it. Back in...
  9. LML upgraded transmission questions

    Aftermarket Mods.
    First off curious to know what the max power the stock transmission can take with a transmission tune? Also is it more reasonable to rebuild or buy a new unit ? What’s the best bang for the buck? and I’m looking to be around 700 rwhp . Thanks!
  10. Head studs

    11-16 LML Performance Parts Discussion
    Hey guys , quick question can you replace the factory head studs on a 2016 LML with out removing the head ? And is ARP the way to go ? Thanks - Donovan
  11. New Here . But have a turbo question!

    11-16 LML Performance Parts Discussion
    Hey guys , curious to know if anyone has updated there stock Lml turbo. I’m looking at a Danville 65mm stage 2 but wondering if I’m in the right direction and with the right company . I don’t tow often at most once a week less then 3 tons . Just want a little boost in power and be reliable. I’m...
  12. Wanting to do a dpf delete.

    11-16 LML Duramax Powertrain
    Hello everyone. I recently purchased a 15 lml and I am wanting to do a dpf delete on it. I have been looking into all options and I'm pretty sure I want to go with the ez lynk system. Am I able to do the delete with a blank (no tunes) ez lynk? I'm new to tuning and still learning. If you can...
  13. 2011 Silverado HD2500 Crew Cab LT 6.6L LML

    Vehicles For Sale
    Selling my 2011 Silverado HD2500 that I bought new. It has 43,000 miles on it and is garage kept. The truck is 100% stock minus an ARE camper top, Weather Tech floor mats, bug guard on hood, a set of running boards, bedliner and a set of seat covers. All cosmetic mods done in first 2000 miles...
  14. New to Me 2014 Duramax

    11-16 LML Duramax Powertrain
    Hi all! I'm new to the forum, as well as a 1st time diesel owner. I recently just purchased a 2014 LML with 176k on the odometer. when I test drove the truck it was raining so I couldn't really get into the throttle. Fast forward to the next dry day and really got into it. When I did this I...
  15. Lml ez lynk tunes

    11-16 LML Duramax Powertrain
    Hi everyone ! So about two year ago i owned a 2015 lml and i had put an ez lynk with ppei unlimited support pack on it . Truck got stolen and recover so i have been able to take my ezlynk from it and return it to stock tune because truck was going to salvages yard anyways... But i have now...
  16. Fleece 750 conversion tune?

    11-16 LML Duramax Powertrain
    So I just bought the Fleece 750 10 mm stroker cp3 pump and a wehrli race conversion kit and keep reading some things with tuning required and some without tuning required... what’s the real story? Am I going to have to take this by a shop or just message one of the techs on my ezlynk? Don’t...
  17. WTB 2011-2014 Chevy Z71 Grille (Black) or Chrome Inserts

    Looking For/ Wanting To Buy
    Hi All I have a 2012 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD that has the Z71 Appearance Package. Originally the grille had black surround and chrome mesh inserts however the previous owner painted the inserts black. I am looking to buy either the whole Z71 Appearance Package grill (black surround and...
  18. P128E, engine shut off/won't start, major fuel leak

    11-16 LML Duramax Powertrain
    2012 2500 LML, 190k miles PPEI 150hp tune, deleted, EGR completely removed, FASS 150 Replaced low pressure elbow into CP4 and low pressure line to low pressure schrader valve test port 6 months ago when it had a fuel leak into the valley Driving home last night, "Check Fuel Filter" light came...
  19. LML Custom Harness

    Gauges, Electronics and Wiring.
    I am in search of a customized wiring harness without the egr connectors. I have rebuilt a 2013 6.6l LML Duramax with a few modifications. Replaced the exploding CP4 with a Fleece 750 CP3 fuel injection pump and to complement the fuel delivery, I stuck an AirDog 165 fuel re-lift under the...
  20. LML Mesh Grille

    2011-2016 (Non Powertrain)
    Hi All New to the forum (even though i created a profile several years ago, just never used it). Have a question about the grill on my 2012 Chevrolet Silverado 2500hd LT. I am looking for a specific grille but can't seem to find it. I am looking for one similar to the pictures below. I bought...