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  1. Cat and mp 06 LBZ

    Parts For Sale
    Catalytic converter 52k miles on this cat. And New turbo inlet Mouthpiece. Pm for prices. You pay freight. Prefer Pay Pal.
  2. LLY Mouthpiece....K/B Mod VS LBZ

    04.5-05 LLY Duramax Powertrain
    I know.................. this issue has been beat to death on here. But I've been looking for some info that I just haven't been able to find. Ported stock mouthpiece VS the LBZ Mouthpiece. Anyone have any concrete data on this? Temperatures Horsepower Torque Dyno sheets Anything? Any help...
  3. LLY to LBZ mouthpiece screwup leads to complete EGR removal

    04.5-05 LLY Performance Parts Discussion
    OK I have read all the posts about this and thought I could get er done without too much heartache but NO I can't do anything without having to fix about 3 other things I tear up along the way, so if you are about to make this swap check this out. I didnt really want to grind the flange of my...
  4. Product Review LLY Modded Mouthpiece

    04.5-05 LLY Duramax Powertrain
    I installed the modded turbo mouthpiece the other night along with my AFE intake. I had been running the stock intake the past few days because of a trip to the dealer. Upon first driving I immediatly noticed a drop in EGTs. I was running a race tune and at WOT my egts dropped by 150-200...
  5. LLY mouth piece????

    04.5-05 LLY Performance Parts Discussion
    I've seen the threads for the new retro fit but, my qustion is: Will it work with an aftermarket air filter kit ( I have the K&N) and where do I get the new mouth piece?:
  6. EGT, other questions, new owner

    04.5-05 LLY Duramax Powertrain
    I recently bought my truck, and am wondering if the EGT readings I am getting are normal. I am going by what the Attitude says. I have the alert set at 1300, and with the thing set at 1, on level ground and empty, if I stomp on it the EGT will climb from around 200 to 1400+ very quickly, and...