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  1. Future of diesel trucks?

    General Discussion
    What’s the future of diesel trucks? I love the new Duramax (2019 is best looking imo) but I DONT want EGR, adblue and all that shit! Here in Norway it’s not so strict yet but we follow USA and the rest of the world. The only reason diesel trucks can roam some what free is there has not been so...
  2. New to Me 2014 Duramax

    11-16 LML Duramax Powertrain
    Hi all! I'm new to the forum, as well as a 1st time diesel owner. I recently just purchased a 2014 LML with 176k on the odometer. when I test drove the truck it was raining so I couldn't really get into the throttle. Fast forward to the next dry day and really got into it. When I did this I...
  3. Just got my new 2011 Duramax yesterday!!! (11-2-10)

    General Discussion
    Here she is!!! Ill have some pictures of the interior when i can find the time!
  4. New guy from IL

    Hey all, ive been reading aton of forums on this site lately and ive decided id try to become a member of this great community. I was an owner of a 2006 2500HD LT duramax until recently. I got into a huge wreck and im lucky to be alive; have the truck to thank for that. (truck was totaled) rip...