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  1. New Owner Questions

    06-07 LBZ & LLY Duramax Powertrain
    Hey guys, first time posting on here. I’m currently looking into getting my first duramax and did some research and am set on an LLY or LBZ as they do not have DEF emissions. Here in SE Texas these trucks are about 16k for one with 150k miles on it bone stock. One with 200k-240k miles is about...
  2. Im new to diesels

    Hey my name is marcus im new to the diesel world and this DF, i currently own a chevy big block suburban, but plan on buying a duramax not long after school and just want to get some info about what to buy, i've heard good things about the lbz but im not sure thanks
  3. Best mods?

    Performance Upgrades
    i recently got an 06 duramax, it already has 4" exhaust. i dont know much about diesels so can anyone let me know of any good mods for power and smoke and get the bang for my buck.
  4. New guy from IL

    Hey all, ive been reading aton of forums on this site lately and ive decided id try to become a member of this great community. I was an owner of a 2006 2500HD LT duramax until recently. I got into a huge wreck and im lucky to be alive; have the truck to thank for that. (truck was totaled) rip...