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  1. How To's, DIY and Write ups
    Code P0540 shows up on my SuperChip tuner code reader as the Intake Air Heater circuit. I didn't care for 2 years of just clearing the code every month or so, but with OBDII checks with the smog test coming for me sooner or later, I figured it was time to fix it. With a little searching I...
  2. 06-07 LBZ & LLY Duramax Powertrain
    I just bought a 2006 GMC K3500 with the LBZ and 114000 miles on it .I have put about a 1000 miles on it and now have a engine light with code P0540 Intake Air (IA) Heater Feedback Circuit.I did a vin check and found out they replaced the glow plug controller right before I bought it ,does the...