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  1. Range shift inhibited P0700

    911 Problems Forum
    Codes pulled via CTS2: P0088 P0089 P0700 U0106 P0307 P0463 P1093 2004 LLY. Truck doesn’t have a past with me unfortunately. Bought at auction. Truck displays service 4 wheel drive, and water in fuel. Only thing I’m concerned with is the trans right now. Truck goes into drive and reverse very...
  2. Help Transmission Issues on LBZ

    Transmission Shop
    Truck is throwing codes P0700, P0757 and P0847 after ripping her down the road. I have 120xxxmiles on my LBZ, deleted and tuned truck last month with MotorOps tunes sitting on 35" tires. truck wouldn't shift after check engine popped up. came to a stop, cleared codes and tried again. Truck...
  3. allison code

    Transmission Shop
    Got code p0700 and p0960 they wont clear but for 5 seconds.checked tcm pins wiring and cant find anything. dont notice any driving problems. only thing ive noticed is manualy shifting 2nd to 3rd feels like a little slip between 2400-2700 rpm. got this code while plowing with a stock tune.
  4. P0700 help please

    06-07 LBZ & LLY Duramax Powertrain
    anybody know if a transgo jr is worth installing after a limp or do i need a suncoast ,my dumb ass forgot to take it off the hot tune today and went to pass acar and limped my ally
  5. need transmission help p0700&p0872

    Transmission Shop
    my truck is pulling the 0700 and 0872 codes i know 0700 comes on every time the transmission limps but when i clear the code as soon as i stick it in drive it limps right away even if i dont move what could this be the trasmission has only been limped twice till this happened and i could still...
  6. Help! tranny clunking wont start p0700

    911 Problems Forum
    Hey guys my wife was starting down a steep grade of highway and the tranny clunked bad and set off the check engine light and the gear indicator light said it was in park and the brake light was flashing. Truck stayed in normal gear sounds like it tried to down shift for the downhill grade. She...
  7. Code P0700.

    01-04.5 LB7 Duramax Powertrain
    My '02 dmax is throwing a code P0700. What does that mean or is there a list where I can look it up? Thanks.