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pcv reroute

  1. B25A60A9-3D2D-4A8B-8161-1DEE2D5E69F5.jpeg


    Resonator delete with box back on and PCV reroute for a stock look. Total cost $20 and 30 min
  2. 95EA91A5-AC72-4801-BA89-6F56AC498F06.jpeg


    PCV reroute by passenger side tire
  3. 4CAD39E6-529A-4554-9128-CD9DF68D35CE.jpeg


    PCV hose going down passenger side.
  4. 2883EF74-417B-49BB-A7D5-C6D71619A93C.jpeg


    PCV hose reroute using original hose route. Stock look.
  5. 41F809FC-157F-4C04-AEF7-600841E5576D.jpeg


    Budget PCV reroute valve with new hole and 1/2 pvc plug
  6. Oil Leak! Wheres it coming from??

    General Discussion
    Either im burning way to much oil or i def know i have a leak. I see oil coming off the intercooler tube on the drivers side but cant really see where its actually coming from? Any ideas??