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  1. Performance Upgrades
    Hey all. I’m a new diesel owner and I’m falling down the rabbit hole of modding it. One upgrade I’m looking to do is the DSP5 switch and I was wondering how it works. I know it switches between tunes but where are the tunes stored? Do I get multiple tunes programmed to the ECM? Please be gentle...
  2. Vehicle electronics/ Programmers For Sale
    Looking to sell my Edge CTS2 Juice w/Attitude. I just bought it last month, decided to go with a different tuner. It had the Hot Unlock already programmed in. These are not VIN locked and can plug right in. Comes with EGT probe, monitor, harness, manual, everything except the original box...
  3. Performance Upgrades
    I've got a PPE hot+2 xcellerator that i was thinking about getting rid of so that i could get EFI Live, but i don't know what a reasonable price to sell it for is. I paid around 1k for it new.
  4. Performance Upgrades
    I recently bought an ats diesel tuner for my 2005 lly and i started to do some research on it. its the same head unit as the ppe, just a different tune, so i tried going on ppe's website and doing their update for my programmer and it worked. the only problem now is that i don't know what...
  5. Towing & Hauling
    Hello guys, i'm new to the duramax community. I have a couple questions i'm hoping you all can give me some advice. I have a 2007 duramax 2500 classic crew cab short box. (LBZ motor). I use this truck to pull my 30' gooseneck trailer. I haul farm scrap loads ranging from 10,000 lbs up to...
1-5 of 5 Results