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  1. 20210823_171142.jpg

    08 Silverado 2500HD LTZ with a 2000 Lance 1010 sitting on 20x12's with -51mm offset and Nitto Ridge Grapplers (33.4"x11.2"). 1 ton rear springs, Torklift Stableloads, Sulastic Shackles, Timbren bump stops, and Cognito stage 2 Leveling kit. Duramax w/ Quadzilla Stealth 2, 4" MBRP, SMP intake, & more
  2. Vehicle electronics/ Programmers For Sale
    I no longer have the truck and need to go ahead and get rid of these. I have a quadzilla stealth 2 updated with dpf delete etc. $300 obo and Edge juice with attitude $500 obo. Im located in North Port, FL Email me, I take paypal. [email protected]
  3. Performance Upgrades
    I recently purchased the Quadzilla S2 and just put on the 5" mbrp Straight pipe today, i was wondering if i need to have the egr blocker plate installed in order to run Quadzilla's Offroad tune that blocks the Egr codes. I want to do so because the Service light is annoying to look at, but...
  4. Vehicle electronics/ Programmers For Sale
    I've got a brand-new-in-box Banks Economind Tuner for sale. My brother bought it for his 09 last fall. To keep the story short, he bought it for the truck on sale for $650 and before he could install it, the truck started having problems. It turned out to be a lemon, so he got rid of the truck...
  5. General Discussion
    got a quadzilla stealth 2 to replace my edge juice, not as satisfied with it as i thought i would be, the juice seemed to have more get up and go to it (comparing both on 90 level), i have to lay into the pedal pretty hard to wake the quad up, with the juice you just put it in drive and stared...
  6. 04.5-05 LLY Performance Parts Discussion
    Hey hows it goin, I bought a Stealth 2 tuner a couple months ago, i have it set for the 50hp tune. I wanna run the 70 hp tune, and was wondering if i really need gauges for this, or can i run it safely without it.
  7. 911 Problems Forum
    went to change tunes today on my truck. plugged it in and as it was loading said error...turned the key off and unplugged it, when i went to try it again it said the tune loaded but there was an error and couldnt read the vin on my truck.. decided to leave it alone and just start the truck but...
  8. 911 Problems Forum
    i have the lb7 , downloaded all associated files and programs from the quadzilla site, wont install the race bin files on my tuner. says wrong tuner? but theyre not.. need help, tuner wont boot thanks
  9. Performance Upgrades
    I found a quadzilla stealth 2 for my 09 lmm and was wondering if it has the dpf delete capabilities or not. It does not mention it on the website. Also, should i delete dpf cat and muff or leave the muff?
  10. 911 Problems Forum
    error installing tune cannot return to stock:help
  11. 911 Problems Forum
    Well I finally got my Quadzilla Adrenaline tuner and the Pulse Controller installed today. Well I now have a problem... what do the different levels on my tuner stand for? What hp is what level? What is my tow setting? What's my economy setting? PLEASE HELP!
1-11 of 11 Results