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  1. Transmission Shop
    So I'm new to the website, but I was wondering if anybody knew of any good allison 1000 5 gear rebuild kits. Not looking for the big horsepower kits. Just a good stock kit that holds up good. Planning on doing away with the tunes and having a good work truck.
  2. Introductions
    Always dreamed of having a cateye chevy diesel as a kid. When I was younger never knew anything about what was under the hood but I knew that was the body styles I wanted. Doing research as I got older I learned that the 06 and 07's had one of the most sought after diesels made. The LBZ. Anyway...
  3. Performance Upgrades
    Hi, i am new to the site and i just got my first duramax. i am looking to do some upgrades on it. i wanna start out doing an air intake, programmer, and exhaust. i have decided on a afe stage 2 intake and an mbrp single stack. the many thing is i dont know what programmer to go with. everyone i...
  4. Introductions
    Hello all, Well, don't run me out of town just yet but I am a Dodge Turbo owner. I am thinking of buying a different rig and am considering a Duramax. There is nothing wrong with the DTC I own, just getting a little small (darn wife keeps feeding the kids and they keep growing). I am sure...