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  1. 2020+ (Non Powertrain)
    I have a set of 35x12.5x20 Toyo AT3s and a set of DDC wheels and just curious if anyone has install 35s without a leveling kit. I have been waiting on my 3” cognito kit for over 3 months and getting anxious.
  2. Exterior
    I have a 2011 lml and i want to put 2006 rims with 35" tires on it, im not 100% sure if the offset/ lug pattern is the same. Has anyone done it yet???? Thanks!:help
  3. Wheels & Tires
    Just bought a 2008 GMC 2500 HD. I have some extra cash laying round for a lift, rim, and tire package. I just acquired a second job as a utility sub contractor. I need to select a lift kit, rim, and tire package that will maintain the functionality of the truck. I will be hauling a mini-x...
  4. Wheels & Tires
    hey guys im going to buy some wheels and tires soon for my truck and want to know if i can fit a 305/55/20? or a 50/20? truck is leveled. what kinda offset would i need? would like them to stick out about an inch. Post pics please, if any of you guys have this set up or close to it!!!! thanks!
  5. Wheels & Tires
    Ok so I bought this truck a few months ago, got an incredible deal on it. It came with some 22" rims, they looked like sh!t because they were basically drag slicks for rubber on them so i took them off and went to my stock rims. I kinda wanna put them back on but do some aggressive tread on...
  6. Wheels & Tires
    I am planning on putting 285/75/18 on and level my lmm but not sure what offset I need to make it fit.I am willing to trim a little.Do I need a +12 or a -12?Thanks
  7. Wheels & Tires
    I am looking for a 17" simulator for my 2008 dually. I just noticed today the front passanger side cap and simulator are all scraped up. I am also looking for a crome bumper corner passanger side, and the crome piece that goes across in the middle as mine are already messed up :(:booboo
  8. General Discussion
    What do ya think??:drink
  9. Wheels & Tires
    Anybody know what kind of wheel these are?
  10. Wheels & Tires
    After looking at some pics of white trucks debadged and some black rims I think this is the route i'm going... I like XD HOSS Wheels. They are 16x8 with 0 offset and 4.5" backspace.. Will these with 285 75 16 fit my truck? I have a leveling kit and would rather not have to do too much cutting...
  11. Wheels & Tires
    so i got a question cuz i'm clueless about the whole backspacing and offset thing haha i was wondering if i could fit the 20" KMC XD seris monsters the specs on the wheel are a -12mm offset and a backspacign of 1.07" and a tire thats 285/55/20. any help would be appreciated thanks a lot :help...
  12. 911 Problems Forum
    the lug pattern is 8 on 6.5 am i correct and what is a good offset to get? not to far out but looks good?
  13. 911 Problems Forum
    so ive ben wanting a dually so i figured id convert mine to a dually so i got on a few forums and searched and asked questions and got many mixxed opinions. i wanted to no if i could just buy a bed and wheels and throw em on. some ppl said yea some said no id have to buy a complete dually rear...
  14. 911 Problems Forum
    I have 20" lexani wheels, and was going to rotate yesterday, they are all splined lugs, and of course there was no key when i bought the truck. anyone know where to get one or how in the world to get them off?
1-14 of 14 Results