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  1. General Discussion
    Hey Guys, I currently own a 2019 chevy 2500 duramax LTZ, and am looking for the best option and route for a lift kit. Ideally I would like to have a 4" lift to hopefully squeeze some 35's in there, but am scared of messing with the towing capabilities of the truck. Right now I have stock...
  2. Wheels & Tires
    I have a 2002 DMax - Allison which I bought new - it just turned over 55,000 miles - I know, just about worn out. My question has to do with badly wearing out front tires despite going to reputable service department. The original tires on the front went amazingly fast - passenger side wore to...
  3. Suspension&Steering
    I know some of you guys are running blistein 5100 or ranchos but I looked on their sites and they show shocks for up to a 6in lift. What are you guys using that have a 7in lift? Will I be ok buying the ones for a 6in lift? I checked out the collapsed length and extended length and they are...
  4. Vendor Price Request ( Site Vendors Only Respond)
    I need 4 shocks for my truck. I think it is the 5100 series I want. It has a 4" rancho lift. I also would like to get a new steering stabilizer don't care what the brand is. Need a price shipped to 28117 mooresville,nc. Thanks, Artie. I am ready to order soon as I get some prices.
  5. Suspension&Steering
    05 2500 hd with the front leveled was killing me with the rough ride. I just installed Bilstein 5100's all the way around, what a difference!:rockin It feels like a new truck. I think that the stock shocks were topping out on the bigger bumps and they were so close to used up in their travel...