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  1. Colorado LML

    Bought stock, since then: Cognito leveled on Fox shocks PPEI tunes with DSP5 AFE intake and dual exit exhaust Soft tonneau Small lighting upgrades, HID's and LED's AMP steps Most recently 22x12 Ballistic 959 Rage wheels on 33x12.5 w/ NorCal Mod
  2. Interior
    hi, Just bought a 2007 chev silverado 2500hd. Want to switch out the center console with a jumpseat. Does anyone know what the interior colors were in '07? Also, half way through 07 they changed the truck, does anyone know if the seats or center colsole mounts changed or did all that stay the...
  3. Transmission Shop
    I'm out of ideas of what the problem is with the truck. When you go from park into reverse it slams into gear, when you go into drive it pulls/lurches foward with moderate pressure on the brake, when its in neutral it says its in 3rd gear and none of the other gears on the PRNDL light up when...
  4. Vehicles For Sale
    It's a 2005 Chevy Silverado 2500HD CCSB with the LS package. Has 136,000 miles and has been maintained regularly. It's never had any major work done to it. I have lots of extras including some that aren't on it in the picture. As it sits in the picture, the price is $26,475. As far as all of the...
  5. Exterior
    hey guys- I bought my 2006 LLY cc sb from my aunt two weeks ago, and there are a few things i dont need and would like to get rid of. first off is the reese 5th wheel hitch. Its an expensive hitch $1400 new, but i didnt pay for it, so make an offer. I am also wanting to sell the running boards...
1-5 of 5 Results