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  1. Power Steering Pulley has broken off 3 times in 18 months...

    01-04.5 LB7 Duramax Powertrain
    The title says it all, it's broken off 3 times and no one can tell me what's causing it. This last time it actually broke the center of the pulley out, right around the p.s. pump shaft... Has anyone had this issue? Is there a fix? Is there anything I can check out? None of the other pulleys...
  2. steering system making a wheezing sound

    911 Problems Forum
    update: okay, now the wheezing sound is there when the brakes are applied to. it sounds like it is coming from the ps pump. i just replaced it. could air in the lines, or a bad pump cause this problem? help please. cant afford dealer right now. :helphi, okay guys. i know it doesnt sound like...
  3. please help with power steering

    911 Problems Forum
    so whenever i turn the wheel now it gets really hard after about one turn. i found out that the belt is slipping on the power steering pump. what causes this, a bad tensioner, or is my power steering pump going out. thanks
  4. Power steering pump full of oil

    911 Problems Forum
    Was backing out of the driveway this morning and immediately noticed the power steering was out. Pulling back into the driveway I realized the brake boost was gone too. I suspected the belt had gone. I popped the hood to discover the belt was just peachy. I removed the power steering filler cap...
  5. Performance Steering

    I am gearing up to start a new project to address what has become a troublesome issue for many...hard steering, especially at idle. Large tires, incorrect scrub radius from offset wheels, heavy front end when hooked up, hydroboost demand, all steeling the thunder from the steering pump. Just...
  6. Groaning noise while turning, mostly when cold

    911 Problems Forum
    02 2500 hd 4WD, making a horrible groaning noise when turning , but mostly prevalent when cold. I don't hear the noise when the vehicle is driven during the day, only first thing. Recently changed the hydroboost unit, so I thought it may have something to do with that. It's driving me crazy...