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  1. 2007.5 + (GMT 900) Non Powertrain New Body Style
    I would like to upgrade my factory Bose 6 disc Non-Nav radio to one with a full size screen to use for backup camera and with bluetooth for connecting my phone and retain the steering wheel controls like factory. I don't necessarily need the Navigation since phones do this so well anymore. What...
  2. Interior
    So I’m having an issue with multiple different electronics. I have a 2006 lbz and I had the tbc 2b fuse blow which stops my dome lights and reverse lights from working. Well when I replace the fuse it’s good for a day or two then pops again. What could be causing this? All my other fuses appear...
  3. Stereo, A/V
    Hey everyone. I got myself a project truck. When I bought it. Everything worked. Needed some rust repair. Pulled the front seats and center console. Pulled the carpet up. Fixed the floor.... Over the course of several months. Lol... Wondering what I did wrong... I'm no mechanic. I put the...
  4. Towing & Hauling
    So, I'm trying to figure out which stereo receiver to get that will allow me to use my tailgate camera normally (shift into reverse & is on) as well as hooking up my trailer camera for when I'm towing. The key thing I'm looking for with that trailer camera is having the ability to view it...
1-4 of 4 Results