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  1. 2006 duramax lbz ppe hot +2 suncoast??

    06-07 LBZ & LLY Performance Parts Discussion
    hello, i have a 06 lbz i just bought with a 6 inch fabtech lift, ppe hot +2 programmer edge cts insight , suncoast 1057 converter, trans go jr shift kit, afe sidepipe, s and b intake, air dog fuel syste.. i am just trying to become more familiar with my motor and wondering what level i could get...
  2. Tranny Upgrade Kit Help

    Transmission Shop
    Ok right now i'm wanting to run a PPE Hot+2 tuner on lvl 10 and maybe a 100hp injector upgrade and medium size turbo upgrade eventually. Have other upgrades listed in my sig, currently not running tuner as transmission has limped once and don't wanna do any more dmg. Want a kit that will...
  3. Help me plz

    01-04.5 LB7 Duramax Powertrain
    Hi guys new to the form... I have 03 lb7 nd with suncoast tranny efi htt turbo nd small lift pump.. Yesturday I heard a crunching noise same as if I was to crunch a can from my truck not sure were it came From and shortly after my truck went to limp mode once I got it out of limp the first time...
  4. Upcoming Sun Coast Build

    General Discussion
    With 99,378 miles on my 2007 Sierra Classic, I decided to have throw a good build into it and get a couple more HP. After posting a thread asking for some help spending my money, I had a good idea as to what I wanted. Thanks to Dallas, with Sun Coast Converters, I was able to nail down a...
  5. suncoast stage V

    Transmission Shop
    how can i get the tranny? i cant seem to find it anywhere :help
  6. Torque Converter "Out Of Order"

    911 Problems Forum
    I have a Suncoast 1056 converter in my truck. It decided to die on me. It has about 45k on it and 2.5 yrs of svc. I have talked to Suncoast about it but nobody will call me back. My question is should I get another Suncoast converter or should I get the 5 Star ATS converter that has a 5 yr...
  7. would this work good?

    Performance Upgrades
    i want to make my duramax fast and loud while keeping it reasonable. i want to do... efi live, a 64mm cheetah, bigger up-pipes, BD manifold, ppe air box mod, with better filter......and to hold that a suncoast torque converter and transgo jr..... i want to get some opinions before i start...
  8. SunCoast Converters (INFO)

    Transmission Shop
    Ok this is all on the SC site, but I went thru it and grouped it all together to help people in need when shopping for a converter from SC. Hope it helps someone. The Sun Coast diesel torque converters, designed and manufactured by Sun Coast, are engineered to improve the efficiency of your...