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  1. 2020+ LM2 Duramax Powertrain
    I just got my 2020 3.0 back from the dealer after having the ECM replaced because of a short within the unit. They also replaced 2 sensors within the EGR for constant faulty readings. Since I got my truck back the throttle response has been off, for instance when taking off from a dead stop...
  2. General Discussion
    Got a 2013 LML with 145K miles. Recently I've noticed when I come to a stop and accelerate to go there is a slight lag on the throttle response. Drives normal at all speeds only happens sometimes when I come to a stop. Recently changed fuel filter and air filter about 1k miles ago. Going to...
  3. General Discussion
    I have an lly recently tuned w a 5 stage efi live. My throttle would previously become rock hard to push down upon getting back into it while going down the road. Since having the tune installed this is happening more frequently. I will be riding down the road, after letting off the pedal and...
1-3 of 3 Results