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  1. Transmission Shop
    Truck will not go into reverse and will barely move forward. My truck is stuck on grass of my front yard. The only code I currently have is P0972. Scanner indicates problem with PSS1 has a open circuit. While reviewing scanner DIC turned on indicating DFR needs to be cleaned. Before truck got...
  2. Introductions
    have an 03 Duramax. Have been getting the error message "Range Shift Inhibited" when I’m driving down the road have to put it back in park until it decides to go into gear. I have had the tranny serviced and replaced the NSBU switch. It is still giving the error "Range Shift Inhibited" and my...
  3. Transmission Shop
    I have a 03 lb7 that I have been having issues with. I did a pump rub kit on tcase and new housing then the trans I did upgraded spring kit from DHD inside valve body. Truck will not move in any gears just sounds like it is reving when give it throttle. No codes thrown when going through the...
  4. Transmission Shop
    Check engine light came on threw 2 codes. I noticed a rougher ride, a little higher trans temp. Shifting wierd. Where should I start diagnosis?
  5. 2020+ LM2 Duramax Powertrain
    My recent towing experience indicated there's an issue with the shift points on the 4x2 Duramax 1500. When first starting out the tranny held 1500 rpm and shifts to 1800 on inclines. Occasionally it would kick down to 8th @2200 rpm. My return trip bothered me because it wouldn't shift up but...
  6. Drivetrain
    Anybody ever put a zf6 trans in an 73-87 chevy pickup? The trans looks a lot longer than the old sm-465s that came in them and wondered how everything would line up? Im sure I would need a new drive shaft but would the hole in the floor line up? Just thinking about a project...
  7. Maintenance
    So This is my first post been readin forums here since I invested in a new to me 2007.5 Silverado 3500HD LTZ. it's got just shy of 150K miles on it and since I don't know much of its history I am trying to get all the major maintenance items done before winter.:shock It's my first duramax and...
  8. 01-04.5 LB7 Duramax Powertrain
    Ok, 2003 GMC D/A...on the dash it shows D 3 2 1, but I have counted the shifts many times now and it shifts 5 times. The last shift is at about 55mph and 2k rpms. Also 2nd and 3rd are really close. Is it possible someone has swapped it? How can I tell? Thanks in advance
  9. 01-04.5 LB7 Duramax Powertrain
    Hey guys, I have a 2003 GMC Sierra 2500HD with the LB7, of course. Anyway I had a 7.3L back in the day, but I have been out of the diesel seen for awhile and just bought this truck. I have been driving it for about a week and noticed my RPMs seem to be high. At least it makes me a little...
  10. Transmission Shop
    :help has anyone had a problem with the shifter not going into park. The shifter stops at the reverse gate and won't go any farther. is this a shifter switch or an internal transmission problem. the cable seems to be free. about 3 years ago i had to change a switch on the trans because it...
  11. 6.5L Diesel Forum
    I wasn't given all the details but am hoping for some insight before I get deep. I have only worked on Internationals and Frieghtliners, mainly larger trucks in the long haul range. I was asked to look at a '93 3500 6.5L 2WD, and thats all he gave me to go on. According to friend truck has...
  12. Maintenance
    I just finished changing the trans oil filter (external) and wouldn't you know it? The stupid dealership did not put the magnet on the last fliter they installed.
1-12 of 12 Results