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  1. Transmission Shop
    Currently pricing a rebuild on my Allison 1000 .. mated to an LB7. Gear ratio is stock. Any advice on specs for my torque converter? Not really towing anything in access of about 4000lbs, also I like to have fun with the truck hence why I wore the clutches out of 4th and 5th. Any help would be...
  2. Transmission Shop
    Ok right now i'm wanting to run a PPE Hot+2 tuner on lvl 10 and maybe a 100hp injector upgrade and medium size turbo upgrade eventually. Have other upgrades listed in my sig, currently not running tuner as transmission has limped once and don't wanna do any more dmg. Want a kit that will...
  3. Transmission Shop
    Problem: Dreaded p0735 code, transmission in limp mode and slipping Solution: Time for a new, stronger one to put up with the power I want. Questions: Having a very reliable guy who works on all the cities vehicles quote me on a full rebuild broken down into parts and labour. Depending on...
  4. Transmission Shop
    Need some info on shift kits please. Thinking about buying a transgo shift kit for my 04 lb7. Just bought the truck with 203000 miles. In the process of changing all injectors at this time so haven't driven the truck much to tell how the transmission shifts. Truck had bully dog programmer...
1-4 of 4 Results