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  1. LML upgraded transmission questions

    Aftermarket Mods.
    First off curious to know what the max power the stock transmission can take with a transmission tune? Also is it more reasonable to rebuild or buy a new unit ? What’s the best bang for the buck? and I’m looking to be around 700 rwhp . Thanks!
  2. hesitation/sputtering at 1/4 throttle through all gears

    Transmission Shop
    :confused:Gents- Recently "replaced" the DPF with a nice little piece from diamond eye. Used a thumb stick(?) "DPF-R 4.0" did the reprogram to eliminate regen.... Now, I have a horrible almost scary hestitation almost slipping feeling at 1/4 throttle, through all gears. if I roll into WOT I...
  3. EFI Live tuning North TX

    EFI Live
    I am struggling to breath with the price of Diesel right now. As you can see from my signature, I have an '06 LLY w/6 speed. Here are the few mods that I do have: S&B Intake CAI Straight Pipe I am avg 13 MPG in town and can get up around 15.5 on the HWY. I have a front-end replacement (so...
  4. EDGE the first with a tune???

    11-16 LML Duramax Powertrain
    I read on deiselplace forum that edge might have a success for the first tune for the LML. Wanted to see if anyone else can confirm this and might know more..
  5. How much extra power???

    Performance Upgrades
    MY 01 2500 4x4 has 173k miles and has done nothing but plow and tow its whole life so I just wanted to know how much power you guys think my tranny will hold reliably. Thanks in advance, Scott