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  1. Lbz performance and longevity parts

    06-07 LBZ & LLY Performance Parts Discussion
    I have a 2007 lbz duramax with about 360k on it just had fresh head gaskets put in and I wanted to try and get a little more power out of it it currently has a banks cold air intake and six gun tuner (was also wondering if should switch to the edge or not) it has the edge delete and 4 inch...
  2. New Here . But have a turbo question!

    11-16 LML Performance Parts Discussion
    Hey guys , curious to know if anyone has updated there stock Lml turbo. I’m looking at a Danville 65mm stage 2 but wondering if I’m in the right direction and with the right company . I don’t tow often at most once a week less then 3 tons . Just want a little boost in power and be reliable. I’m...
  3. Best delete tuner for LMM for under $500 used?

    07.5-10 LMM Performance Parts Discussion
    My mechanic buddy says that a lot of my problems with my 07.5 LMM stem from the cheap tuner that the previous owner had installed. He says I need a tuner that can delete other tunes (the one in there now is just a switch wired into the PCM from the looks of it), and suggested a mini maxx, but...
  4. New here, new to diesels

    Hey guys, my names Keith. I just purchased a 2011 3500. The truck was first part of a corporate fleet with maintenance down to a tee, second owner same thing. I am the third owner. I have the truck inspected by my wife’s fathers garage and given a clean bill of health. They also said it’s been...
  5. A question for tuners ???

    EFI Live
    I see a lot of guys making 50hp tow tunes, 80 hp tow tunes, 150hp race tunes and so on, so how do you know the HP for the tune when you create it? Is it just based on what you know a truck with similar modifications has will do or is there something in EFI that tell you this? Thanks Matt
  6. duramilage chip

    01-04.5 LB7 Performance Parts Discussion
    Has any one used a duramilage brand chip? I am a new duramax owner, but I have had everthing else, cummins, powerstroke, gas, chiped them all with no problems. The thing is I have not hered of any one useing the duramilage to know if it good or not. It sounds great garranted 4 miles to gallon...
  7. PPE Hot+2

    Performance Upgrades
    hey have heard some things about level 10 on this chip. I have it and have had it on lvl 10 for quite some time but i've been reading that lvl 10 is only good if you have a cp3 mod. I have a lift pump and i realize that isn't a cp3 mod but should i be running this chip on level 9 or 10? I have a...
  8. severe loss of power when towing 5th wheel also towing mods

    06-07 LBZ & LLY Duramax Powertrain
    I am a been on here but I have browsed thru before to answer my questions. Anyways on with my issue... Last week I was towing my new 5th wheel RV on it's first trip on a 5hr haul through mild mountainous terrain and about midway while in on a moderate but long up grade pull I noticed that I was...
  9. Mods vs. Warranty

    General Discussion
    Ok, so I'm going to start this thread, not for me, but for anyone who may have the same question... what are the pros and cons of modding with aftermarket parts and voiding your warranty, and is it worth it? Also, IF something major were to go out (i.e. tranny, rear end, injector) how much would...
  10. MA state inspections with H&S tuner installed

    11-16 LML Performance Parts Discussion
    Hello, im very interested in doing a black maxx tuner and a full exhaust on my 2011 LML. My only concern is getting it inspected next year, i want to go all out and remove the urea tank completly. I know the tuner plugs into the OBD2 port and during the inspection im almost certain they must...
  11. How to: Install XM Sat Radio Receiver/Tuner

    Gauges, Electronics and Wiring.
    I have a 2009 Sierra and the radio has the large knob in the middle of the radio it has the Cat, Band and Aux buttons but no XM Satellite. Can I buy just the Satellite receiver/tuner, will it hook right up to my radio and if so hard is it to install?
  12. lb7 chips

    General Discussion
    hey there im a newbie but i just bought a 2001 lb7 duramax and its completely stock with 121k miles on it and 10" of lift and 37" tires ;). anyways i was wondering what is the best chip for it. i would like for it to be able to smoke and have a nice power gain without messing up the truck or...
  13. LBZ tuner

    Got my 06 lbz a few weeks ago its straight piped but rest is all stock wondering whats the best tuner besides efi live ill get that later in life when i get some more money im only 18, still in school. but i want a good tuner but i want it to be trans safe, and some smoke. Also any other info on...
  14. Banks Six Gun Tuner LB7 TCC

    911 Problems Forum
    Switched my Six Gun Tuner from truck to truck and forgot to grab the TCC wire harness from previous truck. Does anybody have any wiring diagram information for this harness. The space on the six gun has four pins however you only tap two wires of the tranny computer. Currently the six gun unit...
  15. What's it worth?

    Performance Upgrades
    I've got a PPE hot+2 xcellerator that i was thinking about getting rid of so that i could get EFI Live, but i don't know what a reasonable price to sell it for is. I paid around 1k for it new.
  16. Economy Xcelerator Duramax LB7/LLY/LBZ/LMM

    Vehicle electronics/ Programmers For Sale
    Bought this about a month ago off my boss at work. Shortly thereafter, I decided I wanted to delete my DPF, so I had to buy a race tuner. Has been updated to the latest software. $375.00 shipped
  17. Nice!!!! Tuner :p

    Vehicle electronics/ Programmers For Sale
    Hey guys im looking to sell my superchips 2855.. great tuner just goin to more of a performance tuner this is more for towing applications.. any one kno where to sell :rockin :gearjamin
  18. Ats tuner "updated" to PPE hot + 2 e.t.

    Performance Upgrades
    I recently bought an ats diesel tuner for my 2005 lly and i started to do some research on it. its the same head unit as the ppe, just a different tune, so i tried going on ppe's website and doing their update for my programmer and it worked. the only problem now is that i don't know what...