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  1. Looking for help in the Denver, CO area with some tunes.

    EFI Live
    Hello guys, Im new to this site and just thought i would throw it out there what im looking for, i need some help with a single tune for my truck and seing if somebody around here (denver) could help me out maybe with their EFI Live and maybe sell me a single tune, and flash it on my truck for...
  2. Egr Deleted tunes for LBZ

    Test Forum
    I recently deleted my egr and tuned my truck with motor ops.. I am not please with the tunes.. bad fuel mileage, tranny runs rough, truck runs hot(which might be due to my 35” tires), not a lot of power compared to my buddy with PPEI tunes.. unfortunately Kory Willis no longer does egr deleted...
  3. Can I run edge cts2 and 5 pos switch????

    07.5-10 LMM Performance Parts Discussion
    I’m using an edge CTS2 as just a monitor right now but I also have a 5 position switch. I was wondering if I could have 5 tunes on the switch and then have 5 different tunes put on the edge cts 2 and just run one on the stock setting while using the other? Just a thought
  4. efi cant figure it out helppp

    EFI Live
    ok i installed my switch converted my ecm and completely reflashed my ecm now from what everyones said everyone doesnt put the switch in right so lets start there ive had it apart 5 times and the wire is probably 3/4" into the plug i forced it in with a screwdriver and it will not go any further...
  5. need a little help with efi live tunes

    01-04.5 LB7 Duramax Powertrain
    so heres the deal, my friend hooked up his efi live tuner to my truck to fix an EGR code that keeps coming up, which cost me 100 bucks for the license. i paid because i wanted efi at a late date. he had someone else tune his truck so he found out he cant use his tunes on my truck. he doesnt know...