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  1. 06-07 LBZ & LLY Duramax Powertrain
    Hey all, I have an 06 LBZ. I've got the full hsp max airflow kit. Tuned, straight piped, and such... I cannot hear the turbo (stock turbo) at all at idle, even if I rev it up. It does smoke a little at idle when i do this. Only time i can hear it at idle is when elevated idle kicks in. Doesn't...
  2. 06-07 LBZ & LLY Performance Parts Discussion
    Help Everybody, I'm kinda on my own about my issue with the DMAX, iv got an 04.5 LLY 5 spd Ali. The other day I was driving parked and when I went to start the trick again that normal lovely turbo purge that usually happens in the first 5 seconds of start up... Never happened. Didn't think...
1-2 of 2 Results