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  1. VIN Check
    Trying to check my White 2011 Sierra HD, bought it in October of 2019 the same day a local used car lot bought it from auction. Truck was traded in to a dealership in my state a month before and was auctioned cause its deleted. VIN: 1GT125C86BF170098
  2. VIN Check
    So I just bought a 2004 LB7 and truck runs great just been reading up a lot about these trucks. I don’t know however if the injectors have ever been done. It has 180k on it. Trying to figure out if I need to start preparing to replace them. It was a 1 owner truck and bone stock but didn’t see...
  3. VIN Check
    Hey guys, happy to be apart of the duramax family. Ive owned a couple 2nd gen cummins but now got into a duramax lb7. Its a 2003 body, interior is great shape, lots of new parts and has had work done but i saw some posts about being able to vin check to see a bit more what's been done. I know...
  4. VIN Check
    I put some money down on a truck a week ago that should be here within the next couple of weeks was wondering if anyone can run a vin check for me? It’s an 08 gmc 2500hd 1GTHK23678F216557 Just curious if any work has been done to it any help or guidance where I can get a vin check would be...
  5. General Discussion
    Hi everyone,, I am new here and am wondering where on the site to find info on what the difference between the Edge tuners and EFI live and which will be better for me, I would like better MPG but like to punch it once in a while. Also I am wondering why you need 25 posts to request a VIN check...
1-5 of 5 Results