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  1. No boost at stand still

    Turbo's Stock and Aftermarket.
    Ok i have recently installed a bd adjustable wastegate but before that I had noticed that when i reved my engine in P it was reading no boost on my gauge. I also saw that the actuator at the end of the wastegate wasn't moving. I do however have boost when I am driving. Why doesn't my actuator...
  2. 05 LLY Wastegate

    I'm buying an 05 LLY, and I want to install a wastegate. I know I'm not supposed to worry about it, but the truck is pushing 60 pounds of boost, stock. I'm stretched enough as it is just making the payment, and don't want a huge parts bill. So, to be safe, I am going to install a wastegate. My...
  3. Waste gate!!!

    911 Problems Forum
    a close friend of mine has a 03 lb7 and his truck was acting funny so i checked it out and his waste gate actuator was stuck so we pulled the rod off and checked the gate its self and its nice and smooth but out of the 3 of us no one could make the actuator rod even budge now he took it to a...