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  1. 911 Problems Forum
    Hey guys, have other electrical issues with gauges and lights, but today I realized that if its raining or wet out the truck stalls after I start it. There is no fender well on the passenger side, maybe that? At the end of my rope but I refuse to give up! Thanks guys.
  2. Propane/Nitrous/Meth
    Been looking around for different types of water/meth injection kits since the ones I find are so damn expensive!!! I really cant justify spending over 5 or 6 hundered bucks for a tank, some tube, a pump and some wires!!! Anyways, I found this one and was wondering if anyone has heard about it...
  3. Propane/Nitrous/Meth
    I know there's install pics floating around in a few threads. Just thought having one thread with just the nozzle pics would be a fast easy way for someone doing their install to see where they can put the nozzles and solenoids without having to search for hours. If I get bored I'll start...
1-3 of 3 Results