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  1. 911 Problems Forum
    I’m having a weird whine happening that matches rpm, does it when revved in park as well as driving, just replaced steering pump and water pump so I wonder if it’s the turbo leaking or going out?
  2. 01-04.5 LB7 Duramax Powertrain
    Hey all, I am experiencing a distinctive whine/hum - almost sounds like an electrical type of whine, when my TC is locked. I have done lots of research and cant seem to find any definitive answers on what it could be. The truck has: -Fresh transyd fluid with new internal filter and new allison...
  3. General Discussion
    Hello. I have a 2007 GMC 2500HD classic. I had the hydro boost, power steering pump, steering box, and all new lines put on my truck. It immediately got a loud "moan" in the hydro boost. It goes away when the truck is pulling but returns when I let off the fuel. It's really bad when going...
  4. General Discussion
    Need help if anyone can give me some insight on the noise. 03 lb7 making this noise in the morning on cold starts under 45 degree weather. After I drive it a mile down the road the noise goes away. Its a clicking whining noise coming from around Bell housing/oil pan/ bottom engine. Any help...
  5. Exterior
    My Duramax started to whine yesterday on my way home. I have a loss of power and the whine increases with my rpms. Any advice or help on what the problem could be? I am concerned its my turbo. I have a video showing the sound but I can't seem to attach it to the post.
1-5 of 5 Results