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2002, GMC Sierra 2500HD
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Hey y’all, looking for help and ideas on a new problem that just started:

On the night of Independence Day I was parked in a ditch for a party, and as I was leaving I threw it in 4WD High to pull out, and backed out of the ditch and onto the driveway at a tight angle with the wheel cut all the way to the right. I heard a slight pop and then it began. I now have a shuddering or rattling noise that occurs whenever the truck is in gear, and it seems most prominent at idle, but I think the engine actually just masks the noise at higher rpm. You can feel the vibration all though the truck but it’s most prominent when I touch the tunnel above the trans.

(the truck is an ‘02 sierra 2500 hd with about 198k miles if it makes a difference)

my first thought was either the transfer case or an engine mount, but after inspection It doesn’t seem to be either. The noise is definitely from the rear of the motor/front of the trans and seems to be more on the passenger side of the rig.
I’ve seen people say it could be the flywheel or clutch, or that it may still be a motor mount or the trans mount even if it’s not obvious.
Any ideas or anyone who has experienced the same problem?? Please let me know!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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