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Yes i did use the search function, quite extensivley.

Its a 01. I just installed new injectors (with the help of mechanic friend, done many injector replacements).
I bought the injectors from Industrial Injection, im not sure of the extra flow% but my friend said they add 100hp.
I also have a PPE set on tune 2.
Everything else is stock...for now.

However im still getting this [email protected] code! First thing i checked was the oil to see if something didnt get tightened down, all was good.

I want to get a TECH II on it but my mechanic wont be avalible til late next week, and im anxious!

The truck drives fine, just if i get on it will limp it, only at 70mph+ at WOT. I should also say that it limped with just the new injectors in, stock tune.

I'm going to take it out after work tonight and check the actual vs desired.

I'm new the the diesel world so forgive my termonology but i was thinking maybe the injectors are using too much fuel and the pump cant keep up???
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