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01 Dmax

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ive researched the duramaxs alot and im just wondering if an 01 with 50k is somthing good? granted it was the first year... should i hold out and try and find a newer dmax or will this be a good truck with light mods...
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ya thats is some really low miles. imo lb7s are the best with mods. no emissions!!!:rockin
The emissions are easy enough to get rid off. But anyway the LB7 is a great engine. Just watch the injectors and you'll be fine.
I like my 01
ya there are but you dont even have to worry about them with an lb7.

plus with lb7s there are alot easier to do mods with. imo
Plus the 01-02's look the sweetist!
Love my 01!!
yea the 01 can look the tallest which is awesome... i know the 5spd isnt as good as the 6spd, and the injectors have there problems but i belive they are coverd till 200k??. im not looking to go crazy with it..just need to beat fordsss. a ppe hot should do the trick
7yrs of production date or 200k which ever comes first
I love my '02, I had some trouble with warm starts and had the injectors swapped under warranty. And the poor transmission hates extreme on the bully dog. lol
Ive had a 01 and i liked it but i didnt care for the body style but the internals is whats nice about them!
I just purchased my 01 LB7 with 113K a couple of weeks ago and I love it. I have always been a fan of that body style. Get lot's of compliments. With 50K on yours, you can't go wrong.
with 230,000 you can :D funny how everything goes bad after the warranty but yeah go for it perfect truck and low miles
I love my 01!!! Wouldn't have anything else
i love my 01 plus the lb7 motors are awsome i hear....also sweet cuz no emissions crap :)
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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