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Converted to the cat filter about 2 years ago and got the bad adapter that would cause it to loose prime. Replaced that with a better one and problems went away. Now they are returning. Truck can sit for weeks and not loose prime in mild temperatures but now winter is here and some mornings only if it is near freezing or lower the truck will fire up and die 3 to 5 seconds later. Pump the primer until you get some resistance and your good to go. It has all new rubber fuel lines at engine and the primer was rebuilt also. Thought about just adding a Kennedy lift pump and call it a day but it seems like a patch and not a fix. Sorry so long of a post thanks for looking

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Rebuild kit doesn't always do the trick. There are non-serviceable internal parts or the housing can develop a crack. Replace the fuel filter head with new.

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Or you can delete the stock filter head and add the lift pump of your choice
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