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02 6.6 wont start after injector install

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i have a 02 6.6 duramax i just replaced all the injectors and now the truck will not start, cranks real fast i probed the wires at the fuel tank and found that there is no power getting to the fuel pump i checked the fuses and relays all are fine, is there any way that having the batt disconnected for 2 weeks would cause any of these problems. the injector pump under the intake comes on and everything in the truck works, any help would be great thanks, also no codes are presant.
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if that doesnt work leave the bleed screw open and crank the truck
Why would you do this? The CP3 sucks fuel from the tank and if the bleed screw is opened and the truck cranked over it will suck air through the bleeder and not the tank. Am I missing something?
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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