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02 fuel,injector problems.

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the truck i'm thinking of buying as i've mentioned in another forum has some injector,or fuel problems.the mech thats working on it said that he has put(in his words,a new injector module? on it and that he also thinks since its blowing black smoke,he thinks that a rocker arm is broken.if anyone has some input as to what might be the culprit, please let me know as to whether or not maybe to but the truck. thanks
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If it is an injector problem, take it to a GM dealership. The injectors should be covered 7yr/200,000 miles. What does the oil look like? Does it have diesel in the oil? Sounds like the guy that is working on it doesn't know too much about the DMax. Maybe it has a turbo problem if it is blowing black smoke and doesn't have a programmer on it. I would think there would be some trouble codes that could be downloaded to see what is going on. Fuel filter would be a good place to start though. Without actually driving or seeing this truck, it will be hard to narrow it down. Personally, I would get a VIN history report on it from a dealer and see how many problems it has actually had. Also, I wouldn't even think of spending my hard earned money on a problem child truck which could turn into a money pit.
02 injector warranty

I just purchased a 02 gmc sierra 2500 HD with 150,000 miles on it. It runs and shifts smoothly. I was just wondering if the GM warranty would apply
to my truck.
Just looked at my reply, I meant the warranty on the injectors. Would it
be a good idea to get them changed out soon or do you have to wait until
one goes bad.
Thanks, and sorry for sounding like an idiot, this is my first diesel
I was told by the dealership that it depends on your vin number as to whether or not it falls into the injector warranty or not. I gave them the vin for the truck I am purchasing and they said it didn't but they said to bring it by anyway to let them take a look at it.
Thanks Frozenhosehead, I will give the dealership a call to see.
most likely the dealership will tell you to keep hiking if your truck is running fine.

hosehead- did you buy that truck yet??
Yea, they told me that they cannot replace them unless i have a injector problem before 200,000 miles.
thanks bnkrupt
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