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I have a 2002 Chevy duramax with 220,000 miles. I’m thinking I’ll probably need a new engine but just want to see what you guys thought. Here is what’s going on.

-On a Cold start there is a consistent loud tick/knock noise, gets quieter as it warms up. And when I’m driving I can’t really hear it.
-had the fuel blocked to cylinder 8 and 95% of the noise went away
-there Is low cylinder pressure in cyl #8. I replaced the injectors on that side and it made no difference
-did a pressure test on that cylinder and most of it leaked out the exhaust, not in the crank case. (200 psi.)
- half the time I start it cold, there is a small amount of white/blue smoke
-there are no vibrations and it seems to drive fine.

It’s probably shot, but just seeing if I could do anything to fix it or buy some time haha.
Any help would be appreciated thank you!!
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