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It's all kinda hit or miss with 'em.
Returns and backing the sale is important.

Might try

My 1st set from them looked good, fit like stock with accurate reveals, good focused low beam.
But, the adjustment screws wouldn't work.
Set @ 2"drop/25 feet, I prefer a 4" drop.

And the weirdest thing, like you mentioned with the high beams. The left would aim up on high, but the pass side would drop a foot below the low beam on high. 'dunno;

Customer Service;
They were quick to respond to my Email and promptly sent another pair out, received quick.

I installed these, with the same fit as the others, and these adjustment screws worked properly, aimed @ 4"/25'.

But the pass side on the 2nd set drops down a foot like the 1st set.

After two tries, they refunded the amount of just the single in the pair.
I REALLY like the lights,....and I've been thru a lot of brands (most are junk).
The price is excellent too. But to find a properly focused low beam is sweet.
There's a lot of turds to swim thru to find one that works, and these are spot on.

But the high beam thing. 'dunno;
I'm tempted to take the refund check and order a single right side....for a gamble. :wink2:

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it just blows my mind that these are DOT stamped. ill probably just polish the oem ones and hope for the best. i just dont like how they defuse the beam. i like the look of the ones i got but they even said at one point taht they couldnt refund them bc i had already installed them.... well how the hell are you suppose to see how the beams look at night ugh
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