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Just had Banks economind chip installed and headed out on a road trip. 3hrs into it I loss power and truck (though still running) began to run rough and loud. The DTC codes were P0202 / 2149. Shop guys took a look at the chip installation (even called the mech who installed it) and decided it wasn't a cause for the failure. Further troubleshooting revealed the fuel injector control module was the suspect. $1500 for the part that only GM can provide.
Anyone know if having the performance chip installed can cause the failure of the ficm? I don't want to have this happen again.
One more thing, for the past few months I've been experiencing idle surge occasionally. Didn't pay much attention to it at the time. Any chance this was a symptom of a failing ficm? I've read about people replacing the fuel pressure regulator, but wondered if it also may be caused by a bad ficm.
Still stranded, waiting on repair.
2004.5 Duramax Diesel 2500, Allison
Banks Ram Air
Banks Economind Power Pack
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