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My lb7 is showing 3 codes.
Engine won't start.
Codes are P0374 A no pulse
P0336 Crank Position Sensor
P0089 Fuel Pressure Regulator.
I have began the process of checking
the crank sensor and will know more tomorrow.
Can someone tell me what is the sending unit or whatever it is in front of the Crankshaft Sensor? It looks to have a hose hooked to it.
Am thinking of removing it for better access.
I will check the reluctor plate when I remove crank sensor. Is it likley that the P0374 code is
symptomatic due to the other 2 codes?
Also I have good fuel and primer is tight and a Airdog installed with no other mods. I plan on replacing Fuel Pressure Regulator and any hoses I find . Any suggestions or info very much appreciated.
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