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Hey guys! Have an 04 duramax and i just changed injectors in it a few weeks ago... ever since ive had a whole bunch of codes in my history, but the current issue is the intake air heater. I didnt ground the glow plug post on the glow plug controller at first when i put everything back together (had ground attached to controller bracket bolt/stud) and just finally found a wiring picture(kind of).
Did a bunch of tests and i opened the intake pipe boot and literally watched my coil glow for about 10-15 seconds until i hear the relay close... do you guys think the relay, the heater, wiring, or the ecm is bad? Im lost at this point because ive looked at all the wiring and it seems to be good, but im getting a bunch of codes popping up, but theyve always been on the history(no ses light) until the p0540 code showed up..
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