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2005 Chevy Silverado 2500HD crew cab. Has 37k miles. Cadillac Escalade front conversion kit using all new genuine GM parts. The hood is a true ram air hood made by GoodHood. Paint is a custom ice blue pearl. Looks similar to the cadillac pearl white but fades to an ice blue rather than a gold. Six (6) coats of pearl. Other exterior upgrades:

-Superlift 8" suspension lift with upgraded front drive shaft( this lift doesn't widen front tires way out and make it necessary to add rear wheel adapters like most)
-20 inch incubus off road wheels (Revolts)
-Dick Cepek 35/13.5/R20 Tires
-painted to match HD mirrors with turn signals
-painted to match escalade door handles with chrome levers
-Xenon rear roll pan (makes rear bumper height legal)
-Power steps from Amp research (steps that fold down when a door is opened)
-Front Windows tinted 35%
-3M film kit (clear film on hood, mirrors, and rockers that prevents chips)
-LED rear tail lamps
-access tonneau cover
-Buschwacker pocket style fender flares

Suncoast transmission upgrade (makes the allison bullet-proof and cabable of handling over 600hp, also has hydromatic deep tranny pan)
K&N intake system with ram-air from hood
MBRP turbo back dual exhaust with (4" with 5" tips, nice sound but not loud)
Custom tune from Westers Garage (over 200hp, 400lbs torque gain- est 525hp 1050 ft lbs or torque)

-Custom Katzkin leather interior (graphite-silver 2 tone)
-Heated and COOLED, yes cooled seats (fans blow air through perfurated leather, works great!)
-US Speedo stainless steel escalade type cluster
-Auto meter A pilar boost and pyrometer guages

-Eclipse AVN5500 Navigation/DVD/CD player
-steering wheel control interface (allows for use of steering wheel controls with an aftermarket deck)
-IPOD interface (makes it able to attach ipod to deck without a crappy converter, plug in is in the glove box. Plug it in and run everything from the touch screen nav system)
-Rear back up camera (mounted above liscense plate, automatically comes on in reverse)
-Alpine Type R component speakers in front, regular type R in the rears
-JL 10 W3 stealth sub, sub is in center console. No one would ever know it is there, still maintains all console functionability. Sounds great
-All powered by a JL 500/5 amp mounted on rear wall with a clean look.
-7" widescreen moniters in the headrests

-Replaced original powers seats with ones out of an SLT with full power lumbar in both driver and passenger
-True HID headlamps in both high and low beams, relayed them to all run while high beams are on. 4 8000k lights= lights up the nigh
-Viper Remote Start/ Alarm Mile Range

Truck was completely painted and completed less than 3 months ago. Time to move on and build something new. I cautiously totalled up what I have into this thing and it is pushing $75,000. Truck was done right in every way. There were no corners cut as you can probably see from the list. Gets around 21 mpg on the highway if you are nice to it (keep it under 65). Ride is awesome and just as good as factory. Turns heads and the only GM HD truck with a Cadillac conversion that I have seen. A ton more work on an HD than a regular truck but worth it. Email me for a link to more pictures or to set up a time to see it. $45,000/obo. You could buy a bone stock one for $32,000 to $35,000 or spend the extra 10 or so and get something unique. Email me for more pictures
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